Our Formula. Our Designs. Our Tile.

Our clay is our own formula, customized for us by a wonderful family owned company in Sheffield,
Massachusetts. We have a tile press built for us by a brilliant man who has gone on to work his magic for a tile
company in California. A husband and wife team in southern Maine assemble our dyes, which shape our tiles as
they are pressed.

When dry, the tiles are aged, or a more romantic term “antiqued”. Still as green ware (not fired), they are stained
by working mixed pigments directly into the clay body. They are then ready to be painted with stains blended with
our glaze formula.

The tile is loaded into one of our kilns which were made for us by a company in upstate New York. The
appropriate god (a quirky but nevertheless essential ceramic tradition) is placed on top of the kiln and the firing
begins… On the second day the tiles are unloaded and inspected.

Though our studio is small, there are many lovely people who have been part of the making of our tile. It is a great joy to carry on this artisan trade creating something functional and beautiful that may end up in your life.

Custom Production Studio

The Old World Art Tiles are molded, glazed, stained and painted by hand. Variations in color, texture, size, painting, etc. are characteristic to the beauty of this handmade product. These variations combine for a look that is both subtle and dramatic. Being a custom production studio; our tiles are made to order. We are very comfortable working closely with you to create a personal touch, whether by using our standard motifs, adapting them fo color and or design, or coming up with something entirely new.