Old World Solid Wainscoting & Mosaics

Solid Multi Color

Solid 4x4 assorted colors, Cabana muti stripe 1/2 round, Solid 3x3 and Triangles Salmon

Solid 4x4 1cut 2” and Solid 4x4 Bermuda, Solid 2x2 Salmon


Solid Ogee Bermuda, Solid 1x1 Multi colors , Solid 4x4 1cut 1”

Bermuda, Solid 1x1 multi colors for inserts,

Solid Liner 1x6 Bermuda, Solid 1x1 Periwinkle, Solid Triangles 3x3,

Solid Chair rail molding Salmon

The Job in Progress

Tiles laid out ready to be packed